Sunday, February 1, 2009



Assorted ideas that (almost) became aborted ideas:

Inepter. Pterodactyl. Inepterodactyl.
A flying dinosaur that can't even go extinct right.

Smell. Elephant. Smellephant.
An odor that you never forget.

Lasagna. Gnarly. Lasagnarly.
Bad Italian food.

Jihad. Hades. Jihades.
A comedian who bombs with 72 afterlife virgin jokes.

Alphabet. Abetting. Alphabetting.
Helping someone learn to read on the down low.

Tornado. Adorable. Tornadorable.
A cute but deadly whirlwind.

Balding. Dingo. Baldingo.
A balding dingo.


Interactivity. Vitality. Interactivitality.
If you have any words you're interested in seeing combined in this blog, feel free to communicate your desires.

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