Wednesday, February 4, 2009



To whomever put together "guess" and "estimate": why combine words with same-ilar meanings? *

You don't see me-I** doing this:

Fluid. Liquid. Fluiquid.
Fake. Fictitious. Faketitious.
Jacket. Coat. Jackoat.
Cow. Cattle. Cowtle.
Mapmaker. Cartographer. Mapmakartographer.
Armageddon. Apocalypse. Armpogeddalypsen.
Fatso. So Obese. Fatsobese.
(Okay, you actually might have seen me-I do this last one.)

Just give it some think-sideration, okay?

* Okay, maybe you could argue that an estimate is more educated than just a guess.

But then what's a cross between a less educated guess and a more educated guess?
A guess with a medium level of education?

Is it really necessary to have this much differentiation in the levels of guess quality?

Just because you CAN combine words doesn't mean you SHOULD combine them. ***

You don't see me-I doing this:

Skull. Skeleton. Skulleton.
Shoe. Boot. Shboot.
Couch. Chair. Couchair.
Woman. Human. Whuman.

These things are close enough as is.
What good will combining them do?
Just leave well enough solone.

** Me-I: a fun one to say, a cross between "me" and "I."
And if "myself" is feeling left out, feel free to upgrade to "Me-I-self."

*** But it also doesn't mean that you shouldn't.
Especially if the words mean different things that can be combined to result in hilarious or innovative (or at least logical) results.


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