Thursday, January 15, 2009



This is the name I chose for this blog.
Because all of the other names were taken. All of them.
Sorry, I got the last one. Internet's full.

Someone already thought of "The Best Blog." (I don't think they're correct.)
Someone already thought of "Wordjones." (Like a wordsmith, but slightly less popular.)
Someone already thought of "Temporarium." (It was me, and I dismissed it.)

So, Godzillionaire it is.
It's a word I made up to describe a rich person from Japan.
Or if a dinosaur that made a lot of money.
Or a demonstration of how wealthy God would be. If God were a dinosaur.

(God. Dinosaur. Godinosaur?
Looks too much like "Go, dinosaur!"
Which isn't a bad message either.)

I knew Godzillionaire was the right answer, when I got the computerized word verification question to make sure that I wasn't a computer trying to start a blog.
(You're trying to make sure that I'M not a computer, computer?
Talk about the 'bot and the kettle.)

But seriously, back to hilarious--the word I had to type, to verify that I, a human, wanted to start this blog called Godzillionaire, was "Mothra."
(Okay, computer. Maybe you DO have a soul.)

After that, everything fell into place. I chose the "Son of Moto" template (sounds like another monster movie) and off we went.


  1. i randomly decided to type in "godzillion" to see if it was a word.... i like your concept

  2. I randomly* decided to write back to this comment.

    I like your comment.

    *Randomness may or may not be actually random.