Monday, January 19, 2009



Whenever a psychic on a TV show has a vision of the future, it always seems to be of a future gone wrong that has to be fixed.

Just once, it would be nice for a psychic to get message like, "The future is bright! And not from a nuclear explosion that you have to try and prevent! It's just figuratively bright this time! So it won't blind you again like last time!"

That's how it goes for the fictional TV psychic.

As for the real life psychics, they probably don't even let you know they're psychic.
They use their powers to amass real wealth for themselves, not read your palm for a special $5 rate.

Maybe that's pessimistic.
Real life psychics don't exist, there's no magic in the world, and everything is as it seems.
The glass is half full of air that's polluted.
It's all second-hand smoke and broken mirrors.

You like realism better than pessimism?

And your palm will say it wants to go back into your pocket and get more money for the "psychic."

Which is why the TV psychic needs to receive more positive messages...
To provide more hope for the inhabitants of the real world.
To show potential happiness in fiction that can turn into fact.
To uplift people's spirits so they'll believe once more, in these troubled times.

And to give me a foundation so I can get my new palm-reading business off the ground.

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