Tuesday, January 20, 2009



"Evil" is 80% of the word "devil."
Thus, 20% of the devil is not evil.
(If spelling and mathematics follow logic, and why shouldn't they?)

Which is why he always gives you a chance to win.
Not great odds, probably worse than a casino, but a chance.

So if you ever come across the devil, try to appeal to the letter "d" in him.
Call him by his first initial.
Stutter if you say his whole name, to up the non-evil to evil ratio.
e.g. "D-d-d-d-damn, d-d-d-d-devil!"
(That also might have the advantage of making him thinking you're d-d-d-dumb.
And you'll win that fiddle made of gold-d-d-d.)

"God" is 75% of the word "good."
Thus, 25% of good is not God.

So, you can do good without God.
Just make sure to focus on "o."
O happy day.
(Sounds better than stuttering*.)

That is, again, if spelling and math were to dictate reality.
Which seems as least as reasonable as anything else dictating it.
If not more.

* Nothing against stuttering, mind you.
As mentioned, I believe it would make a powerful tool against the devil.


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