Friday, January 23, 2009



Everyone cares about what they look like.
Even unfeeling futuristic machines who will run amok and try to destroy us one day.

In fact, that's WHY they're going to try to destroy us.
Because even robots can't live up to the ridiculous ideals we set.
Why couldn't we program lower expectations? Why?

But it's too late.
They're only biding their time now because they see that we're softening ourselves up for them.
e.g. They see people injecting poison into our own heads, on purpose, and they'll wait to see if we go further and end up taking ourselves out.
(Also they see nuclear weapons. Or rather, some of them ARE nuclear weapons.)

So soon enough, the ugly robots are going to attack.
And I only hope that the beautiful robots side with us in a battle to protect the status quo.

But there are only so many Iphones, and how much help can they be against an unending army of ugly toasters, most of them wedding presents that have been unloved and resented for years?

Steve Jobs, please start designing a good-looking weapons system.
Sorry the name Hotbot is taken, but you're a genius, get thinking.

Either that or start inventing more poisons to stick into the robots' heads, either to destroy their programming OR to delude them into feeling better about themselves.
You know, teach them to be more human.

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