Friday, January 23, 2009



Rhyming with "poodles," an equally adorable way to describe massive bleeding to distract a person with massive bleeding.

Sad irony: "bloodles" is only one letter away from "bloodless," its adjectival opposite.

e.g. "Is there a lot of blood?"
The number of "s"s** in the answer is extremely important.

* Note that this is an unorthodox usage of the word "oodles," which was coined really to only describe an amount of noodles.
But I believe "bloodles" will catch on.
e.g. "Hold on, doctor! The Red Cross is almost here with their delivery of bloodles!"

** What's the best way to write the plural of the letter "s"?
"S"s? S's? Esses? Sz? S'?
Who pluralizes the pluralizer?

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