Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Only one letter off from the real word "cannibalistic," which is appropriate.
Because most of the time, I imagine cannibals as going ballistic.

I doubt there are as many calm cannibals.*


Doesn't sound right.

* I haven't done any research on this, so if anyone has information about organizations of relaxed human flesh-eaters, feel free to share.

In the age of political correctness where so many fringe groups have advocates voicing their positions, I figured that people who eat people are the safest bunch to stereotype without fear of reprisal.

But perhaps a group of cannibals exists that doesn't KILL and eat humans, but just dines on them after they pass away naturally.

And this jives with the idea that I've heard some hold, wherein if you eat your enemy (or probably a non-enemy), you gain their abilities.

And if you eat someone who had died of natural causes after becoming weak and infirm, chances are that meal will grant you their ability to be weak and infirm, and to die of natural causes.

(You are what you eat.
Especially true of cannibals.)

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