Friday, January 30, 2009



Radio Shack is still in business as Circuit City is going under.
A shack defeats an entire city?
See what you can do when you keep your overhead low, and your facility tiny and run-down?

It's happened before.
The Cheesecake Factory destroyed the arrogant Pastry Palace.
Pizza Hut beat out the spiffy Spaghetti Estates.
Dress Barn* took down Fancy Pants Mansion.
The list goes on... **
Even in the Bible, the sad sack King David defeated the elegant Goliath.

Now, this post was originally going to be about a crappy DVD player that Radio Shack sold me; and the fact that to get a new one from the warranty company I would have to mail the defective player back even though trapped inside of it was a DVD I own that's worth half of what the DVD player costs to begin with; and the fact that if I broke the DVD player trying to get it out the warranty would be voided; and my eventual victory over that situation by taking the DVD player apart, removing my DVD, and putting it back together without damaging, experiencing the masculine pride of not breaking something that I've so often heard about, in an alternate version of the small Jew defeating something larger than himself...

But then I thought of the phrase "Fancy Pants Mansion," and nothing else seemed to matter.

* In doing research for this post, I came across a list of business names that included both "Dress Barn" and "Dressbarn Woman," separate businesses.
Finally, a place specifically designed for WOMEN to buy dresses. Sexism is coming to an end, my friends.

** If you'd like...
The Sunglass Hut ruined the Visor Kingdom.
Pottery Barn conquered the Ceramic Castle.
Burlington Coat Factory won out over Burlington Coat Cathedral.
Crate and Barrel outlasted the Nice Room Filled With Crates And Barrels.
The, um, Furniture Igloo... defeated the Ottoman Empire.
(Actually that empire was done in by the failure of its own economic structure.)

And there are a few exceptions, like I don't know where White Castle fits in.
But by and large, you get the idea.

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