Saturday, January 17, 2009


Grandma I.

My grandmother's name is Iris. ("I," for short.*)
She joined Myspace and found me.
She wrote this on an old blog there as a comment:

"Hey! I know this fella for a little over 30 years and now I am on my space in his space.
He is the greatest in the world! Wanna guess who"

My guess is that she's talking about me.
For a couple reasons...
1) It was on my blog. Sort of a giveaway.
2) Also, I know that she thinks I'm great. She always used to tell me that if she were my age, she would be chasing me down the halls.
(Because of how attractive I am to her.)
3) I said a couple reasons. That's two.**

I assume that in this fantasy world where she chases me in my age range, she is also not related to me.
That would be weird otherwise.
Though perhaps not weirder than having a grandmother one's own age.

* "I" is probably the best nickname someone can have. Are you speaking of yourself in the first person? In the third person? You can decide on the fly. So many two options!

** I'm fine with the phrase "a couple" meaning not always exactly two. Just in this case, that's what it was.
If it always meant exactly two, then couples counseling would be discriminatory to non-traditional romantic units of more than two people.
Which might be fine by a lot of people, who would find it less than practical to print "Couple's (or Triples, or Whatevers) Counseling" on your cards, door, or literature as a C/T/W Counselor.
(Hey, I just found a more efficient way of getting it across! Problem solved.)

So anyway, my grandmother and I are going to whatevers counseling soon.
(The "I" in that sentence also refers to my grandmother.)

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